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How many APRNs can a MD supervise?

According to Rule 64B8-35.002, F.A.C.: The number of persons to be supervised shall be limited to insure that an acceptable standard of medical care is rendered in consideration of the following factors: (a) Risk to patient; (b) Educational preparation, specialty, … Continue reading

New Legislation Impacting Your Profession

Click here to view a full list of bill summaries from the 2018 Florida Legislative Session that may impact your profession. Continue reading

Position Statement on Disruptive Behavior

The Florida Board of Medicine offers its expertise and guidance to health care facilities and other health care professionals in dealing with the issue of disruptive behavior. The American Medical Association (AMA) defines disruptive behavior as physical or verbal personal … Continue reading

August 2015 Newsletter

Bernardo Fernandez, M.D. Chairman Sarvam TerKonda, M.D. Vice Chairman The Board of Medicine meets six times each year to conduct disciplinary hearings, licensure hearings and to handle board business including creating and amending rules of the Board. Another role of … Continue reading

DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: Why Should We Deal With Difficult Colleagues?

Martha Brown, M.D., Assistant Director at PRN, provided a presentation on disruptive physicians to the Board at their meeting held August 7, 2015 in Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Brown discussed how disruptive behavior leads to miscommunication and potentially patient harm.  To … Continue reading

Burnout and Physicians

The Florida Board of Medicine is pleased to bring you “Burnout and Physicians”. This presentation from the Professionals Resource Network (PRN) outlines signs to look for, how physicians are impacted and methods of prevention. Click on image to view pdf file … Continue reading

What duties can a CNA perform?

The scope of practice of CNAs, as well as other nursing professions (RN, APRN, etc.) is regulated by the Florida Board of Nursing.

Does the department have assistance programs for impaired health care professionals?

Yes, Florida health care professionals can seek assistance for impairment through the Department’s Impaired Practitioner Programs – the Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) or the Professionals Resource Network (PRN). Impairment may be as a result of misuse or abuse of … Continue reading

How do I establish protocols/Collaborative Agreements with an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, EMT or Paramedic?

A physician must submit notice to the Board when he/she enters into A formal supervisory relationship or standing orders with an emergency medical technician or paramedic licensed pursuant to s. 401.27, which relationship or orders contemplate the performance of medical … Continue reading

What documents are needed to register with this program?

Office Surgery Registration Form with an original signature for registering Surgeon Copy of current accreditation certificate and survey, if applicable. Documentation to demonstrate satisfactory completion of training such as: Board certification or Board qualification by a Board approved by the … Continue reading

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